CushCush Gallery, an addition to CushCush family, is conceived as a platform for creative collaborations in contemporary design + art. It is an alternative gallery that embrace interactions and celebrate multi-disciplinary creativity through explorations of intersections of art, design, materiality, techniques and crafts.

Architect/designer Jindee Chua, co-founder of CushCush, had envisioned CushCush Gallery as a little oasis within the hectic Denpasar city of Bali. Accessed through a small lane, CushCush Gallery sits within CushCush studio, a sprawling space that used to be a disused garment factory before CushCush turned it into its home. CushCush Gallery has its own separate entrance and consists of a main gallery space with 3 smaller studio spaces that can support a wide variety of creative and art programs, as well as a space for showcasing artworks and limited-edition design objects and furniture.

CushCush Gallery will host local and international uprising and established artists and creatives to present quality, contemporary design + art programs, to enrich the Bali experience. Through its year-round program of curated exhibitions, residency and collaborations, CushCush Gallery facilitates exchanges between an international community of artists and creatives and Bali.


Ross Mcleod in collaboration with CushCush Gallery
Designer IN-Residence
January 2016 (2 weeks)
July 2016 (2 weeks)

15th July – 15th October 2016

The genesis of the Crucible collection began through the production of a series of watercolour and oil pastel sketches of bowl-like forms that contemplated the idea of what constitutes a “vessel”. These sketches were then translated into full-size hand drawings that were made in response to the selection of beautiful off-cut timber slabs (sustainably sourced Suar wood) that were stacked beside CushCush’s studio workshop in Denpasar, Bali.

The driving force behind the collectìon was a desire to develop refined and elegant design objects which retain a sense of authenticity in their making and intimacy in their use. Ultimately the pieces act as a reflection upon the primal relationships between ritual and craft.

The collections title “Crucible” reflects the desire to explore an alchemical synthesis; a fusion of functional, sculptural, material and archetypal concerns. It is hoped that the final transformation of the Crucibles will occur when the vessels fulfil their functional role as utilitarian objects, playing a small but beautiful part in people’s lives.


DenPasar 2017


DenPasar2017 is a group exhibition that is part of CushCush Gallery’s (CCG’s) series of programs that provides a platform for young artists and creative communities from various fields in Bali to come together and create artworks. In keeping with CCG’s goal of actively seekingfresh perspectives, potentially intertwining the different disciplines and contemporary art and design to interact and collaborate, DenPasar2017 aims to represent the aspirations of creative generation in the present.

Denpasar is the capital of Bali province, and it is where the business center and seat of Bali’s government are situated. The city has its own charm, with a more diverse communities resulting from a large number of settlers that have since become residence of Denpasar. These diverse communities live side by side, enriching life in Denpasar. Denpasar literally means“Pasar Utara” (North of Market), that reinforces the important role of the market in the development of Denpasar city as it has become today. For this reason, ‘Market’ is picked as the theme forDenPasar2017 exhibition.

For DenPasar2017, CCG invites artists and creative communities/ creatives to understand and respond, and give meanings to the understanding of ‘Market’ in Denpasar. These responses will be presentedin the form of 2 dimensional artworks (60x40cm) as DenPasar2017 exhibition at CCG.

CushCush Gallery had an open call in January and February 2017, inviting artists and creative to participate in DenPasar2017 exhibition, and had selected 17 participants from different creative backgrounds. They include architects, dancers, fashion designers, jewelry designers, graphic designers, photographers, street artists, fine artists and many more. To facilitate the selected participants, CCG held a “MelaliKePasar” (journey to the market) event in 15th March 2017 to brief participants in exploring the theme.

Click to download Denpasar 2017 Open Call.


17 selected artists from open call with various art and creative background:

Click to find more about them.



Melali ke Pasar (Journey to the Market)

Invited speakers: Marlowe Bandem and AyipBudiman.
Sharing session with Marlowe Bandem who shared the role of documentation through art and other creative means which is deeply embedded in Bali’s culture, and AyipBudiman who discussed the importance of‘Sense of place and iconography’.

Click to download the sharing session.

Marlowe Talk Ayip Talk

After the talk, the participants then went together to a variety of markets in Denpasar by rentedBemo(local van transportation) to experience and explore markets directly.

Denpasar2017 Exhibition 
26th May – 26th August 2017
Open for public, by appointment.
Exhibition opening: 26th May 2017

Denpasar2017 Movement

Upcoming Event Poster Denpasar2017-02

Partnership & Sponsorship

CCG is open for any partnership and sponsorship.
Click to download DenPasar2017 proposal in Indonesian language.
Click to download DenPasar2017 proposal in English.


Drawing Future

Charcoal for Children
Charity exhibition 2016/17

27th February – 13th May 2017
Open for public by appointment

Invited artists:
I Wayan Sujana ‘Suklu’, Reno Ganesha, Noella Roos, Nyoman Wijaya, Natisa Jones and Budi Agung Kuswara ‘Kabul’.

Exhibition opening:
Friday 24th February 2017, 6pm – 8.30 pm
Featuring video mapping projection by Wicitra Pradnyaratih ‘Acyd’.

To view the collaborative artwork of each artist x children please click on the link below:

Budi Agung Kuswara - Kabul I Wayan Sujana Suklu Noella Ross Nyoman Wijaya Natisa Jones Reno Ganesha

All collaborative artworks are available for your personal collection.
The profits from selling the artworks will go directly to support future Charcoal For Children programs.


Drawing Future Catalogue

Photo by: Masuria Sudjana

As part of DRAWING FUTURE: Charcoal for Children charity exhibition 2016/17 program, CushCush Gallery & LagiLagi will have MEET THE ARTIST session with each of the invited artist who participate at the previous Charcoal for Children workshop. MEET THE ARTIST is a great opportunity for children/ student/ personal/ creative people to get to know more about the artist’s story, how they create their work and of course the idea behind their Charcoal for Children workshop they did with the children.

The MEET the Artist schedule as follows:-
Reno Ganesha : 24 February 2017 (Friday)
Natisa Jones : 9 March 2017 (Thursday)
Budi Agung Kuswara ‘Kabul’ : 22 March 2017 (Wednesday)
Nyoman Wijaya : 11 April 2017 (Tuesday)
I Wayan Sujana : 19 April 2017 (Wednesday)
Noella Roos : 28 April 2017 (Friday)

Open for public, limited seats
RSVP: Indrawati +62 361 242034
Or email info@cushcushgallery.com

What is in a charcoal?

Black, dirty… that is what many people associate charcoal with. In Indonesia, charcoal may be associated with satay, and in Australia, perhaps BBQ! If you had experienced ‘Bali Belly’, you probably would have popped charcoal pills to neutralise your upset tummy.

Then there is the other charcoal that is used for drawing. Indeed, charcoal has been used to make art for thousands of years. It has been said that cave paintings discovered all over the globe have shown how charcoal has been used in art for more than fifteen thousand years. It is believed that the drawings have been drawn with the charcoal created from burnt sticks, and it is likely that it did not take long after man discovered fire that man also discovered the bold and rich markings of the remnants of the fire.Cave painting from the Niaux cave in France is a fine example of this early existence of charcoal drawing.

In ‘CHARCOAL FOR CHILDREN’ (CFC), a program initiated by CushCush Gallery (CCG), the medium is LagiLagi DIY charcoal made using twigs and off-cuts timber, to fuel creativity amongst children, and to bring artists and creative communities together!

The use of DIY charcoal as a medium is a deliberate one, relating to its significance in its history and tradition, as well as how it is closely linked to our natural environment and progress in humanity. The program is part of ‘LagiLagi’, an initiative that aims to encourage creativity amongst children and is free for children 8–16 years old.

CHARCOAL FOR CHILDREN 2016/17 theme is ‘DRAWING FUTURE’. This time, the charcoal is used as a medium for drawing and painting. 6 invited artists, with the help of 30+ volunteers from creative communities, work together with 100+ children from different backgrounds to create collaborative artworks. At the end of 3 sessions, all the collaborative artworks are celebrated through a charity group exhibition, and the proceeds of works sold will fund future CHARCOAL FOR CHILDREN sessions.

Creativity does not need much. A twig from our environment, a community who is passionate about sharing the awareness of environment and goodness of creativity, arts and design, and children who want to have fun!

Through CHARCOAL FOR CHILDREN, CCG and LagiLagi hope that the ordinary charcoal will trigger a ‘wave’ of creativity-loving children (as well as parents!!) by emphasizing the generation and expression of ideas in a non-evaluative framework.

By making learning fun, and giving children the freedom to discover things they love, and encouraging them to sort out their values and interests, children learn to be confident to think critically and creatively. Important traits for our future generation!

Help us develop future leaders and innovators. Join the movement and support creativity!



The Play of Charcoal

LagiLagi Returns with Plays by Celebrated Artists Inspired by Children’s Creativity. Following the success of Charcoal for Children’s initial edition of 2016/2017, LagiLagi, together with three celebrated performing artists from three different cities (Papermoon Puppet from Yogyakarta, Kawamura Kohey from Tokyo, and Monez&Ninus from Bali) is coming back with performances of original plays that will be held in two weekend sessions (2-4 February and 23-25 February 2018) at CushCush Gallery, Bali. The tickets are sold at IDR 500K (includes drinks) for the premiere shows and IDR 100K for the regular shows, with the seats limited to only 50 to enhance the intimate viewing experience. All the plays are the result of the 2017/2018 edition of Charcoal for Children workshops. Living up to its title ‘PlayPlay’, this second edition held three workshops in the span of September to November 2017, conducted by the aforementioned performing artists. Each workshop used different methods of creativity. Papermoon Puppet invited children to tell stories about trees in various ways by asking them to make trees and dolls using charcoal sticks, charcoal ink, waste woods, and newspapers. With Kohey, children learned more about the art of shadow play, to make shadow puppets, using cardboards, charcoal, and paint. Monez&Ninuz used music for children to experiment, moving their bodies to the music while holding charcoal in both hands, scratching it along the white paper to make a free drawing. ‘LagiLagi’ (translates to ‘repeatedly’, ‘again and again’, ‘keep returning back’) is a social initiative started by CushCush, a designer studio and workshop in Bali that specializes in uniquely designed crafted contemporary furniture, accessories, and artworks. LagiLagi was meant to carry both CushCush’s environmental awareness and social mission of passing the goodness of creativity to the next generation, starting from the early age.

Charcoal for Children (CFC) 2017/18  Workshop

CHARCOAL FOR CHILDREN (CFC) 2017/18 is here! And we will be running CFC workshops in September, October, and November 2017! In the following months, CushCush Gallery would be organizing and presenting a series of 3 CHARCOAL FOR CHILDREN (CFC) 2017/18 workshops. This time with our theme PLAY PLAY, we will PLAY! and have a lot of fun! We do realize that playing is one of the biggest part in our childhood that helps us discover more about our personal interest, hobby and also our dream! that’s why this year we will PLAY a lot during CFC workshops! Together with the invited artists/ performing groups, this year we will explore and discover more about our local heritage in puppets, mask, shadow puppets, combine with music, dance and theatrical performance, by using our DIY charcoal and up-cycling material to create properties for CFC 2017/18 charity performance in February 2018. We are looking for children of age 8-16 years old who are passionate about art, creativity, and love to PLAY & learn in a creative way to join our CFC workshop sessions! Yes! These are the timing for the 3 CFC workshop sessions: 1st session with Papermoon Puppet Theatre: Saturday, 23 September 2017 2nd session with Kawamura Koheysai: Sunday, 8 October 2017 3rd session with Monez & Ninus: Saturday, 18 November 2017 The workshops are free of charge, limited to only a maximum of 20 Children for more effective learning experience. Please kindly RSVP and register early.  We would also really appreciate it if you could share our program with your friends, family & social media (Yes! anyone can also join!) so that interested children can register and participate. For 1st session,  we have one of Indonesia’s renown performing group: Papermoon Puppet Theatre from Yogyakarta! known for their wonderful performances such as ‘Secangkir Kopi dari Playa!’, ‘Mwathirika’, and many more! CushCush Gallery working together with LagiLagi are very delighted to welcome Papermoon Puppet Theatre for a residency program in Bali, to collaborate and PLAY with children and our local creative communities.


For the 2nd session, LagiLagi will collaborate with Kawamura Koheysai, a multitalented Japanese contemporary artist/ shadow puppeteer who travels around Indonesia such as Jakarta, Kalimantan, Yogyakarta, and finally now in Bali, to study and make a research about Wayang (shadow puppet). As a solo player, Kohe-san always combine unique stories & music throughout his performance, this will be a really distinctive collaboration with the children!


And finally, on the 3rd session,  we have Monez & Ninus! Monez is a Balinese artist known for his ‘Fablelous’ style, a combination of words & fable, inspired by boundless imagination also animal/monster spirit character. And Ninus, who is an architect graduate from Bandung, who is now living in Bali as a contemporary dancer, inspired by space and movement. This will be a very interesting collaboration since both of them have a different background and approach. We are looking forward to their magic!

CHARCOAL FOR CHILDREN workshop is part of LagiLagi – a social initiative, that combines all the things that we love and are passionate about: which is about art, creativity, design & good education for children. This program aims to give back to our local communities & environments, by making upcycling products, made from our production off-cuts and sell them through creative bazaar, consignment & making DIY workshops, as part of our fundraising project. Profits then goes to creating meaningful creative program such as Charcoal For Children. For more info about LagiLagi and Charcoal For Children program, please do not hesitate to contact us: Email: balilagilagi@gmail.com Phone: 0361 242034/ Merlins 0812 89152130 FB: LagiLagi IG: lagilagi_bali