About Us - Making unique things with unique materials. We understand how to encourage and facilitate designers and architects to create more interesting pieces of artwork, be it furniture, objects or accessories

The Process of (Un)learning

Nine wonderful years of exploration; learning, discovering, experimenting and creating with the abundant indigenous materials, textures, techniques and traditional crafts of Bali. Now, we are ready to unlearn, relearn and rediscover this magical place that is Bali.

For us, the process of learning is an everyday adventure, as well as a great indulgence, one that is both driven by our love for design, as well as the passion to experience something new, something that can touch us and add meaning to our being.

Bali has been very successful in re-making itself. Throughout the decades, designers from all over the world have been coming to Bali to get inspired and create their own version of Bali. We have visited countless resorts, villas, restaurants, bars and residences which are inspired by the Balinese lifestyle, architecture, culture and people.

We are now ‘looking back‘ in time, to the Bali AGA – The ‘Original‘ Bali … and our learning starts from there.

Intrigued by a chance visit to Tenganan village in 2008, and ongoing interactions with artists and creative friends has led to the birth of INSITU edition Tenganan Bali.

The INSITU project features a group of cross-disciplinary artists who produce art works based on their encounters and experiences in site specific Asian destinations.

In 2010, work on INSITU edition one, on the living ancient village of Tenganan, Bali started. Through numerous visits, enjoyable explorations and open conversations, we begin to understand and are in awe of the spirit, wisdom and creativity of the Bali AGA community and their self made environment. Their simple yet enriching way of life, as well as their rituals, and the many layers of stories / myths have inspired CushCush‘ latest collections of Artworks, rightly entitled: ‘Simple Life‘ and ‘A Tale of Tenganan‘.

CushCush is very excited to co-present INSITU edition Tenganan Bali at the National Geographic Store in central London from 4th – 10th November 2011, in which together with other artists from different parts of the world, we are exhibiting our latest collections of Artworks.

To mark and celebrate this timely occasion, CushCush is unveiling our new look. A simple fresh look with a ‘Crafted Collection‘ logo as our tribute to nature, love of crafting, and the power of creating!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we share this new phase of CushCush with you! A thrilling adventure awaits… may it touch YOUR hearts!

Suriawati Qiu & Jindee Chua


“The Designer‘s Choice for Customised Hospitality Furnishings.”

Cush.Cush started from the idea of making unique things with unique materials! Having worked in design based architectural firms in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, Founding partners of Cush.Cush understand the need to encourage and facilitate designers and architects to create more interesting pieces of artwork, be it furniture, objects or accessories to complement the spaces they create.

The prominent shift of trend in the design industry further fuelled Cush.Cush‘s direction. With clients becoming more sophisticated and are looking for unique furnishings that represent their individuality, it becomes a necessity for designers and architects to provide custom-made pieces for them.

Cush.Cush specialises in offering a creative range of rare materials and combines them with high quality manufacturing. We can either work to the designer‘s brief, or design a specific range for a specific project. Our strength lies in our broad understanding of Asian cultures and exceptional Western design philosophies and we offer this Unique and Synergistic combination exclusive to our Clients.

Having a design studio and production based in Bali, Cush.Cush is able to provide flexibility, quality, well-designed fine crafted furnishings at a very good value. Within few years of its set up, we have supplied to distinguished hotel and residential projects worldwide.

On top of our highly sought after custom-made products, Cush.Cush also offer a selected Collections of uniquely designed, contemporary and Asian inspired furnishings, which include: Rare Inlay Materials, Furniture (Indoor & Outdoor), Accessories, Decorative Lightings, and Artworks & Objects.