The Beauty and Soul of Tempo Doeloe
Tempo Doeloe refers to a bygone era of yester-years, when villages in most island in Indonesia were not linked by roads, and mobility was restricted, when buffalo carts and horses were the main vehicle of transportation, when most people livelihood was to work on their own land, when life was good and much simpler. 

It was also when the artistic expression of craftsmen and artisans came vividly alive, as they create remarkable pieces spontaneously by their hearts, eyes and hands. What was created are a labour of love, pieces of visual grace, enigmatic and uniquely beautiful in their own rights. 

Today, these unique pieces play an important role of bridging the past and future, linking cultures of Indonesia, with influences of Western World and the Chinese heritage. They are the essence of remarkable beauty and a reflection of times gone by.
In this New Year, CushCush pays homage to these beautiful pieces, which in their simplity, bridges our past and our future, the East and the West.

Kuda – carved stone horse sculpture and Peranakan Cabinet – chinese style cinnabar red cabinet with accents of carved trims, glit in burnished gold, are antique pieces of Tempo Doeloe, and are part of CushCush Rupa Collection.

RUPA collection includes antique and rare Found Objects, Paintings by commissioned artists, Framed Artworks of mix media, and many more. They often feature up and coming artists, and specialized craft men in their specific fields, some of whose skills are handed down from Fathers to Sons, from generations to generations.
These include: wood carvings, stone carvings, metal hand chasing, hand weaving of textiles, and natural fibres, and others.
CushCush specialises in custom making feature items and crafted finishes to suit your interior and material scheme for your Hospitality projects. Our wide variety of unique and rare inlay Surfaces materials are our most precious “material palate”, which we offer exclusively to our Designers and Clients for YOUR perusal when putting together customized pieces for YOUR specific project.
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