Shades of Light
Tugu - Suar Wood candle holder is a replica of antique wooden candle holder that was first stumbled upon during one of many visits to odd shops. It is part of CushCush RUPA collection, which features highly customized artwork pieces to suit your spatial needs.

Tugu Suar Wood candle holder is a simplified version of the 'Jodog' heirloom of Javanese oil lamps. The enigmatic and abstract stick lamps were believed to be originally used for some long forgotten ritual purpose, and were usually hewn from Teak beams.

CushCush selected craftsmen carve the replica of the Tugu candle holder in 3 different heights, highlighting the elegant outline of this antique candle holder. Placing the candle holder in clusters further accentuate their elongated forms. The animated candle light produced in such arrangement is both enigmatic and welcoming.

A simple symbolic structure, the Tugu Suar Wood candle holder enlightens us with their presence!

To download Tugu catalog please click here.
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RUPA collection includes antique and rare Found Objects, Paintings by commissioned artists, Framed Artworks of mixed media, and many more. They often feature up and coming artists, and specialized craftsmen in their specific fields, some of whose skills are handed down from Fathers to Sons, from generations to generations. These include wood carvings, stone carvings, metal hand chasing, hand weaving of textiles, and natural fibres, and other indigenous crafts.
CushCush specialises in custom making feature items and crafted finishes to suit your interior and material scheme for your Hospitality projects. Our wide variety of unique and rare inlay Surfaces materials are our most precious “material palate”, which we offer exclusively to our Designers and Clients for YOUR perusal when putting together customized pieces for YOUR specific project.
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CushCush began from the idea of making unique things with unique materials. Headed by an architect and an interior designer who have worked in design-based architecture and interior design firms in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, CushCush combines exceptional interior styling, furniture design and accessories expertise with excellent high quality manufacturing services. We specialize in Rare Inlay materials, Custom Furniture & Accessories, Artwork & Objects, Custom Lighting and Interior Styling.

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