DesignLife is going to Hangzhou, and YOU ARE INVITED!

CushCush proudly supports DesignLife, a non-profit weekend design event that is based on the spirit of learning and sharing.
DesignLife is meant to be a pause (a coma as what Made Wijaya called it) for us to have a chance to get together with friends and get to know new friends. To be inspired by each other’s wealth of experiences and celebrate our Design Lives!  We hope that it will be a wonderful exchange of ideas/experiences/networks for all of us across the creative disciplines, and that we will come out of this weekend refreshed, inspired and ready to face the ‘world’ again!
DesignLife had a humble beginning. CushCush founders Jindee Chua and Suriawati Qiu first initiated DesignLife as their wants to get together with friends, and re-connect with like-minded creative people, as well as friends from their university days at RMIT. Since DesignLife Bali 2009, DesignLife had travelled to Bangkok, Seoul, Penang, and we are excited that DesignLife is going to Hangzhou this 1 – 3 September 2017!
We are inviting all our architects, designers and artists friends to come and join us this 1 – 3 September 2017 at DesignLife Hangzhou!
To register, please go to
See you at DesignLife Hangzhou!

CushCush specialises in custom making feature items and crafted finishes to suit your interior and material scheme for your Hospitality projects. Our wide variety of unique and rare inlay Surfaces materials are our most precious “material palate”, which we offer exclusively to our Designers and Clients for YOUR perusal when putting together customized pieces for YOUR specific project.
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EXPLORE is a medium in which we share our exploration of ideas and concepts through to their materialisation of unique products and materials. Through this medium, we would like to promote an exchange of ideas with you and actively pursue creative design together! 

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ABOUT CushCush
CushCush began from the idea of making unique things with unique materials. Headed by an architect and an interior designer who have worked in design-based architecture and interior design firms in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, CushCush combines exceptional interior styling, furniture design and accessories expertise with excellent high quality manufacturing services. We specialize in Rare Inlay materials, Custom Furniture & Accessories, Artwork & Objects, Custom Lighting and Interior Styling.

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